Live photos: Sleigh Bells, The Underground (3-2-2017)


Sleigh Bells
The Underground
March 2, 2017

While Sleigh Bells' fourth studio effort, Jessica Rabbit, may sonically present itself differently than previous albums, live the songs are seamless walls of thunderous guitars and bass topped off with the playful lyrics of singer Alexis Krauss. Krauss herself is a whirling dervish of a dancer who only stops long enough to get a drink of water. The band's raucous set was a balance of singles from over the years with plenty of new material mixed in. When bands like this crush the close quarters of The Underground, you can only wonder why more people weren't there to get them back in The Fillmore's larger room. Maybe next time...

Dark Paths
Tell Em
It's Just Us Now
Riot Rhythm
I Can Only Stare
Born To Lose
Comeback Kid
Infinity Guitars
Crown on the Ground
Loyal For
Rule #1
A/B Machines

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