Live review: DJ Audien, Label (6/11/2016)


There are endless options for Saturday night entertainment in Charlotte, but only one venue mattered on June 11. DJ Audien paid the Music Factory a little visit, spinning to a packed house at Label Nightclub from midnight until well into Sunday morning. The place was literally pulsing from the moment he came out, the walls shaking from his energetic performance that kept every single person in the small club bouncing off the walls for the entirety of the two hour set.

Audien, or Connecticut born Nathaniel Rathbun, started producing music as a teenager. He began creating his ‘happy hardcore’ tracks and released them on Only Vibes Recording, a digital label he co-founded with the producer Naggy. After a few transitions both musically and label wise, he’s transformed himself into the DJ with we know and love. Now, he sells out major venues all over the world, headlining EDM festivals with his progressive house music and euphoric sounds, dominating the Billboard dance charts. It's a pretty impressive resume for a 24-year-old.

To say Audien’s performance was energetic is an understatement. He’s known for Grammy nominated remixes and for his trademark sound that can runs the gamut from trap and dubstep to electro house - all of which came together Saturday for an uplifting soundtrack that made everyone want to dance the night away. The transitions were smooth and Audien planned his set perfectly, carefully bringing the sound and energy to a crescendo as he moved through different genres of music.

The energy of both DJ and crowd was amplified throughout the set with an impressive laser lights show and smoke effects from Label. Perfectly timed smoke poured onto the crowd below each time the beat dropped, confetti was released periodically and the sound system was on point. By the end of the night both Audien and the Charlotte crowd left sweaty, energetic and smiling.

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