[Untitled] w/ Lara Americo, Episode 5


Punk pop band Hunter Valentine scorched The Milestone last Wednesday night as part of their Farewell for Now Tour. They are ready to take on new side projects involving music – and even food. They were last in Charlotte when they toured with Cyndi Lauper in 2014, and the city holds a special place for them.

“Everybody likes to really just party and have a good time [in Charlotte],” drummer Laura Petracca said, who wants to works as a chef and potentially open a restaurant. “Dancing is a big thing and nobody just stands and around and watches you. They get into it. I feel like in New York that happens, but it takes sometimes a warm up period.”

You may remember the original members of the Brooklyn-based band on season three of The Real L Word. “They wanted to focus on female musicians,” Petracca said of the show. “Of course they focus a little bit on your personal life and relationships and that’s also very hard.”

In this episode of Untitled, I catch up with lead singer Kiyomi McCloskey, along with Petracca, bassist Leanne Bowes and guitarist Lisa Bianco about their tour and post-Hunter Valentine plans.

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