Lunchbox Records set to move in 2016


Lunchbox Records hit its Facebook page yesterday with the announcement that the popular Plaza Midwood record store will be moving in 2016. Currently located at 1419 Central Ave., the new location is "just a half a mile up the road" at 825 Central Ave. Owner Scott Wishart posted that the location is three times as big, has a dedicated parking lot and will have a bigger stage allowing them to host live shows again. 

The post goes on to say:
This has been something we’ve been working on for years, with a few failed attempts along the way. Oddly enough most developers don’t seem to want to work with a local record store, but I’m extremely happy with our current plans and glad everything has worked out the way it has. You may have heard rumors of us moving for a while and that’s because we’ve been trying for a while. Our current building was recently sold but these plans precede that and have nothing to do with it. Our current landlord is not kicking us out and has no immediate plans for the building. This is an expansion, not an eviction.

I am more than aware that our current space is cramped and I have thousands and thousands of used LPs in storage waiting to go out, so this should help rectify the two most common complaints/requests we get at the store.

We look forward to serving your for many more years and hope you can join us.

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