First Notes (08/25/2014): Suge Knight shot — no, this isn’t a headline from 1996



Editor's Note: First Notes is a weekly update of recent happenings in the world of music.

• One-time rap mogul Suge Knight was shot six times Saturday night at an MTV Video Music Awards pre-party on the Sunset Strip hosted by Chris Brown. As of Sunday night, Knight was still in the intensive care unit, but he’s expected to recover. It’s not the first time the former Death Row head honcho’s been shot at a VMA-related event: In 2005, he was shot in the leg at a party hosted by Kanye West. It’s also not the first L.A. rap-related shooting in which Knight’s been involved.

• On Thursday, Henry Rollins wrote a pretty scathing column for the LA Weekly titled "Fuck Suicide,", in which he criticized people who have committed suicide. On Saturday, he took it back. In other depression-related music news: Swans’ Thor Harris talked about his struggles with depression in a short film.

• Mark David Chapman, the man who shot John Lennon (and the subject of a pretty great ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead song, was denied parole on Friday. It’s the eighth time Chapman’s been denied parole since his 1981 sentencing; he’ll be eligible for parole again in two years.

• That ALS-donation ice bucket challenge that’s sweeping social media — and that, like, every celebrity musician is doing — right now? Yeah, Grimes hates it, too.

• Some dude convinced the Los Angeles Police Department, who’d arrested him after he attempted to rob a Rite-Aid, that he was Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland. Which raises two questions: First, why would anyone want to pretend to be Scott Weiland? Second, did he really think that would get him out of trouble?

• NPR wonders: Who the hell likes music festivals, anyway?

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