Some Army at Snug Harbor tonight (11/9/2012)



What happens when a side project gets more popular than the main outlet? While it’s too early to say if that’s going to be the case for this group of Triangle players, led by the Honored Guests’ Russell Baggett and featuring members of JKutchma & the Five Fifths and Aminal, it’s a question that could be coming down the pike, and soon, for the band. Some Army’s debut self-titled release — a seven-song, 28-minute EP — has been racking up the raves for its blend of Indian Summer melodies stacked atop insistent tempos; textures that drift between comforting and alienating (note the dubby, narcotic depths on the beautiful “Fall On Your Sword”); and late-night comedown narratives (“Nothing good happens at 4 in the morning,” Baggett sings on the luminescent “Business Gee,” and it sure sounds like he’s singing from experience). When Elysse Thebner adds her voice to Baggett’s (and he already kind of sounds like Kevin Drew), Some Army reminds us of another meta-group, or at least a slightly laid-back Appalachian version thereof — Broken Social Scene. Yes, much promise here. With the already awesome Naked Gods and Schooner. $5. Nov. 9, 9 p.m. Snug Harbor, 1228 Gordon St. 704-333-9799.

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