Fat Face Trio at Snug Harbor tonight (8/6/2012)



FAT FACE TRIO A while back, the Shiprocked crew asked local tuba/trombone maven Molly J. to put together a horn band for their Mardi Gras night, and the six-piece ensemble duly killed. Since then, an informal klatch of local horn-blowers have performed Cinco de Mayo canciones and 4th of July marches as sort of a horn section-for-hire (they’ll get their Oktoberfest oompah-pah on soon, too). As an added bonus, this trumpet/tuba/guitar trio has emerged out of those holiday endeavors and begins a themed, Mondays-in-August residency that will feature plenty of guest spots and additional bands. (So far the theme nights include Jurassic Park, Something Horrible Happened at the Lab, and Time Travel — someone’s a comics fan!) Joining Molly J. (Mike Strauss Band) are trumpeter Matt Postle (Sunshone Still, Sea of Cortez) and guitarist Troy Conn (Bunky Moon, Ocie Davis Trio), as the trio plays standards and originals whose semi-trad heads are just a jump-off point for top-notch musicianship. You wouldn’t call it avant garde, but the trio does venture off the onion skins enough to add considerable spice throughout. If you follow music enough, you know that it’s these kind of semi-informal residencies that yield some of the most magic moments. Plus, you know, it’s free. 9 p.m. Snug Harbor.

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