Foxy Shazam at Amos' Southend tonight (7/3/2012)



FOXY SHAZAM Unabashed courtiers in Queen's throne room, Foxy Shazam is savvy enough to recall that Freddie Mercury's boys once packed a subversive punch. It's no accident that Queen's "We Are the Champions" is both a gay anthem and a fist-pumping super straight jock-rocker. Shazam's showboating singer-cum-prom-queen Eric Sean Nally can't touch the firepower of that Queen classic, but the Slade-style stomper "Unstoppable" comes awfully close. Blasting out a maelstrom of loud guitar, fat piano, over-the-top theatrics and double-kickdrums, Foxy Shazam are neither airless glam pastiche like The Darkness, nor bloat and bombast signifying nothing (that would be Meatloaf). Instead, they take a cue from yet another forebear, Sparks, earnestly pushing a witty, self-effacing message through a camp filter. It helps that the catchy, sticky sweet songs are fun, and that the lyrics are life-affirming without Andrew W.K.'s stink of desperation. Is Foxy Shazam straight-edge or send up? The answer is both. With Stars in Stereo, and Manic. $10.65-$12. 7 p.m. Amos' Southend.

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