Monophonics at the Double Door Inn tonight (5/17/2012)



MONOPHONICS The reason '70s urban crime movies like Across 110th Street stick to the synapses is because genuine gravitas and street grit underlie the surface chintz of flares and awesome 'fros. Similarly, while San Francisco's Monophonics bring dynamic arrangements and precision chops to their retrofitted soul, the shiny new sleekness reinforces the raw power of their material instead of undercutting it. Unlike the Staxx/Volt stylings of Daptone bands, the Monophonics veer toward the fuzz and rumble of late-'60s/early-'70s psych soul, dipping in the baptismal font of Reverends Sly Stone and George Clinton. It would all fall apart if these cats didn't funk like a mother and tear the roof off this sucker. But make no mistake. This update is the real deal and not a Grande Royale with cheese. $10. Double Door Inn.

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