Live review: Your Fuzzy Friends, Snug Harbor, 5/12/2012


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Your Fuzzy Friends
Snug Harbor
May 12, 2012


The shimmering backdrop of Snug Harbor's stage reflected light onto Lee Grutman and Mono the Unicorn, the group known as Your Fuzzy Friends. They serenaded the audience with a hilarious one-man, multi-puppet, gay-themed musical full of crass humor and dance jams.

Grutman enamored his spectators with multi-voiced, energetic "duets" sung with his main counterpart, Mono the mustached unicorn puppet. Like a horny Sonny and Cher, the two inferred romance and danced together (as much as a man can dance with his arm), singing about plum-adorned g-strings and the benefits of unicorn homosexuality while incorporating storytelling between songs.

Your Fuzzy Friends is a performance-art package with the look of a bizarre, gay-themed children's show set to the tune of Wondershowzen with a live concept similar to the band Captured by Robots. Grutman brought forth intense energy with his theatrical, crudely hidden, low-budget puppet skills in coordination with amazing vocal power as he performed duets with himself in two separate, bizarre voices.

Hips swayed and danced in the crowd to the catchy synth-based tunes, turning the area in front of the stage into a pseudo dance party. The majority of the audience was immediately all-in, giggling and in full attention as another fuzzy friend, Thomas the "homo-hipster" cat, admitted he knew he was gay since he was a kitten.

Leading into a song about hipster homos starring Thomas, a girl in the front of the stage began shouting with the frenzied energy teen girls had for Elvis - "This is the greatest thing, ever!" rang through the acoustics of the venue. Joy spread like wildfire amongst those appreciative of lewd humor while those that didn't get it simply walked outside.

Even a brief interlude where Grutman claimed the audience was in danger - for no particular reason at all - was quickly flipped into a top-notch club banger allowing the crowd to get down to the jam.

At the show's abrupt end, the audience flocked to Grutman to pay respect for the hilarity created. While his previous work with the band Fat Camp showcased a small portion of his performance art, his quest for solo achievement comes into the scene as a multifaceted show that is bound to develop into something incredibly bizarre and astonishing.

Check out the next performance by Your Fuzzy Friends at the Milestone on June 7.

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