Philippe Petit at the Milestone tonight (5/2/2012)



PHILLIPPE PETIT This Frenchman comes from the country that embraces the avant garde with the same fervor it otherwise reserves for red wine and gettin' busy. For more than 25 years Petit's brand - building electronic layers with computers and synths, then daubing them with processed acoustic and field recordings, percussion elements, and vinyl manipulations - has found him collaborating across the spectrum with folks from Lydia Lunch and Faust to My Favorite Diamond and Girls Against Boys. On this evening he'll be trading soothing textures, mind-bending soundscapes and maelstrom-skronk with Brooklyn-based collective PAS, whose mission statement since 1995 has been to make music "from the fringes of perception." Their one-off studio collab is called Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds, and it is suitably and wonderfully unpredictable. With Great Architect, Zruda and Balloon Animal Farm. The Milestone.

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