Live review: Pile, The Milestone, 4/28/2012



The Milestone
April 28, 2012


Despite numerous chaotic dance-centered distractions, Boston's Pile entranced the crowd at the Milestone on April 28, 2012, thanks to the band's somber brand of rock.

Performing a handful of songs, including new material from their 7" release, Big Web, Pile pairs everything you love about '90s music with a thorough understanding of musical theory. They make the heavy light and bring a cathartic outburst of melancholy that is released in musical form.

They seldom perform to a slack crowd. Chances are that if a person is standing still, it's to shed a tear while soaking the music up.

As guitarist Matt Connery played barefoot from the floor, he was accosted with sultry moves from behind thanks to a member of the opening band, Ugh God. As band members and audience laughed, it was apparent the vast majority of the musicians had succumbed to the whiskey vortex the Milestone is so well known for.

Distractions didn't take away from Rick Maguire's nasal-yet-soothing, heart-wrenching vocals atop his and Connery's synchronized and psychedelic guitar work, Becker's driving and delicately sludgy bass and Kris Kuss killing it on drums.

Pile accented floaty, sometimes Alice-in-Chains-esque vocal harmonies while the lazy Sunday sludge of the music was clean in all the right places. Pile sucked the crowd into a daydream before slapping them back into reality with heavy-yet-peaceful breakdowns.

They are the exact definition of catharsis, a controlled release of emotion - powerful, calm and funneled.

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