ALT-CTRL-SLEEP at Petra's tonight (4/7/12)



ALT-CTRL-SLEEP Perhaps if they played more live shows, we'd discuss the music of Joe and April Diaco in the same revered tones reserved for some of the city's better-known acts. After all, Alt-Ctrl-Sleep's demos attracted the interest of dream-pop producer and guru Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low). The logistics for that Alt-Kramer collaboration didn't pan out, but it did help land the Diacos a contract with Lakeshore Records. It's easy to hear what attracted the label - gently undulating melodies cocooned in layers of reverb guitar, keys and Joe's pleasantly processed vocals, all pushed along by April's voice and her subtle brush strokes and cymbal crashes. If you need a foothold, it's a bit like Summer Sun-era Yo La Tengo. With Jason Herring & the Mystery Plan. Petra's Piano Bar.

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