Tea Leaf Green at Visulite tonight (3/30/12)



TEA LEAF GREEN Whoever said "irony is dead" was probably being ironic. Witness San Francisco's Tea Leaf Green. These American gypsies hit the crazy Kerouac highway that begins at Big Pink and swings past Dylan, the Dead and the Band. The dreaded goo of jam-bandery doesn't stick to TLG's heels as they head for the future with sincere hearts and irony-free minds. Right? Well, no. While rollicking dual drums, distorto guitar and conventional song structure ground Tea Leaf Green, the band's wide-eyed America is leavened with electronica, over-the-top glam-rock stomp and not-quite-camp sugar-pop with Bee Gees falsettos. And, all the while, they rock an endearing guttersnipe image that falls just short of arch. With Greensboro's industry hardened country popsters House of Fools. $15. Visulite Theatre.