Will Madonna at the Super Bowl be the best or worst halftime we've seen?



Everyone has a favorite and least favorite Super Bowl halftime performance — though none has truly been fantastic. For some, Janet Jackson's 2004 "Nipplegate" will forever be at the top of their list — good if you liked the sight of her exposed breast, bad if you think it ruined children's minds and the concept of nipple shields.

For others, The Who in 2010 was at the top of the bad list — though I didn't think it was horrible. I could have done without 1991's New Kids on the Block. I thought Prince gave it a good shot in 2007. I thought Black Eyed Peas last year were about as commercial as it could possibly get.

I think the halftime show is made out to be as far reaching and bland as possible, only cool to those who find their favorite songs/artists on Top 40 radio. No chance we'll ever see a Radiohead, Arcade Fire or My Morning Jacket on there. I even think Mumford & Sons would be too polarizing.

This year, we'll be "entertained" by Madonna, Nicki Minaj, MIA, Cee-Lo Green and LMFAO. OMFG. Yep, this one has the potential to be the worst we've seen. Madonna will sing "Vogue," she'll be joined by LMFAO for "Music" sing "Give Me All Your Luvin" with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. and she'll wrap it up with "Like A Prayer" with Cee-Lo. Yep, this Sunday's could be horrible.

For me, the moment when the Super Bowl Halftime performance truly "jumped the shark" was in 2001. The perfect blending of rock and commercial pop. Take a look:

From Justin Timberlake's funky chicken and running man dances to Britney Spears lip-synching and shaking her half-naked body into the hearts of teens everywhere... Nelly's rapping isn't in the same league as the collaboration of Aerosmith and Run DMC. The line dancing at the end and Spears/NSync trying to find some street cred. This one had to be the worst I've seen...

They've tried to redeem themselves with Prince, the Rolling Stones, The Who, but it's always far too commerical, cheesy and lip-synched to ever be as "cool" as you hope. It's always a solid debate, so, what's your least favorite?

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