Lydia Loveless at Double Door Inn tonight (2/2/12)



SCOTT H. BIRAM/LYDIA LOVELESS If you remember when the venerable Double Door featured the better country rock bands of the era rolling through town on a regular basis ... well, those AARP discounts come in pretty handy, don’t they? Hopefully it’s more than ’90s nostalgia bringing these two Bloodshot artists through, and the start of a trend. Biram pens low-down dirty swamp rock ditties populated by ne’er-do-wells, the unloved and the unlucky, and performs them as a one-man-musical army with the conviction of a possessed preacher. Loveless is more than just a pretty face for the Chicago label (though she is that, too): Lured by the good times of honky-tonk, Tammy Wynette twang and feisty Exene Cervenka punk, her Indestructible Machine earned plaudits from a host of varied media last year, and every one of ’em was well-deserved. $10. Double Door Inn.

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