Live review: Treephort



The Milestone
Dec. 27, 2011

When touring musicians make a regular stop at the Milestone, their visit is always looked forward to. After a few rounds of touring, they become part of the long-distance family and are welcomed with smiles and hospitality, like an old friend who has moved away.

Over the years, Treephort — or more accurately, Lee, the original member and front man of the band — has become one of them. The laughter was high and hugs were given out while beers were pounded at the bar — people reuniting and glad to see one another, excited to experience the newest variation on a project known and loved for quite some time.

Treephort is a band that holds many legends, mostly true, of an era of their music with horrendous stage antics to the delight of morbidly curious rock 'n' rollers. Vomit spectacles; sneaking on to the Vans Warped Tour and performing for the majority of the tour until being forcibly removed (once noticed for grotesque, offensive performances); former member, Kyle Knight's signature act of lighting his dick on fire that was eventually carried on to his solo act, The Emotron... The list goes on full of cranium-burning memories the band produced at their peak.

While the Treephort of those days was put to sleep in 2004, Lee resurrected the project within the last few years and began touring, keeping the spirit alive and bringing their music back to familiar and new ears.


Although Lee seemed to have calmed down quite a bit over the years — keeping all of his clothes on and being fairly timid — the spirit of the insanity was kept alive through their guitarist letting his pants fall to his ankles while sporting bikini underwear, sticking his tongue out in a metro pervert fashion and, finally, (along with their drummer) paying homage to Knight's famous move — lighting his dick on fire and rolling around in a homosexually charged switch-off of ass and dick torching inbetween making out with each other while lying on the Milestone stage. It was all condensed in one small period of entertainment and shock for those with a twisted sense of humor.

Along with the spectacle of bizarre, shock-inducing performance art, Treephort's music is fun, somewhat simple punk but all around dance-instigating with its catchy hooks and crude subject matter.

With crowd pleasers like “Sausage Party,” comical homoerotic lyrics lace through a fun, punk rock, circle-pit, dance party vibe. “But there's no girls around tonight/And all I see is dick/But if you drop the 'D' and add a 'CH'/ it kinda sounds like chick” birthed a crowd of chorus chanters, “Sausage party tonight!” nodding heads and shaking their bodies to the fast punk beat.

Until the conclusion of their set, Treephort wasn't too terribly different, nowadays, from any other good band that comes through the Milestone. They rocked out and engaged the audience with the music alone (despite the loose britches). True to their tradition, they put the cherry on top — accentuating the lyrics that had been coming from Lee's mouth in a masochistic boy-tease finale, not letting those down who had come to see something scandalous while burning intense images into everybody's brains.

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