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Occupy Fuck Ye!
  • Occupy Fuck Ye!
Complainers (mostly of the baby boomer variety) often talk about how musicians don't care anymore. They're not as political as they ought to be. They're not changing the world. They don't get involved.

We know that's a bunch of bull crap, of course. Just because the artists aren't holding hands and singing "We Shall Overcome" doesn't mean they're not shaking your windows and rattling your walls.

To wit: A big bunch of kick-ass rockers, neo-folkies, DJs and free-jazz squawkers have joined forces with NYC's Occupy Musicians, whose mission seems simple. They're stating their unequivocal support of Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movements around the country and world. Hopefully, that support will result in some glorious music, protest and otherwise — not to mention the popping up of Occupy Musicians groups in smaller markets like, say... Charlotte?

Here's more from Pitchfork:

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley, Merrill Garbus (tUnE-yArDs), Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Fugazi's Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto and Talib Kweli are among a long roster of artists who have signed on with Occupy Musicians, a newly launched online tool for "sound engineers, sound artists, producers, DJs, instrumentalists, composers and lyricists" who support Occupy Wall Street and its affiliated protests.

The site serves as a public statement of solidarity with the movement, and will help put on musical performances at Occupy protest sites. It will also serve as a hub for documentation of audio, video and writings from artists who support the 99 percent.

Other artists who have pledged their support include Tom Morello, Amanda Palmer, DJ /rupture, Dan Deacon, Parts and Labor, Kimya Dawson, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Sharon Van Etten, Marc Ribot, Tyondai Braxton, Jello Biafra, Mirah, Saul Williams, Drew Daniel (Matmos), John Zorn, Dave Allen (Gang of Four), Amy Klein (ex-Titus Andronicus), Rhys Chatham and many more.

Read the whole post here.

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