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Mose Giganticus, Zeus, Chivalry, Labyrinthe, Monarchist
The Milestone
Nov. 6, 2011

How often do you get the opportunity to see somebody rock a keytar live now that the '80s are long over? Philadelphia's Mose Giganticus resurrects this spectacle, wrapped in a synth-progressive-sludge package that is never short of bringing Charlotte, and many cities alike, to their knees. There have been better shows with them — in the past, they've packed out the Milestone to damn near capacity — but this night, in an intimate setting of 30 to 40 people, they embraced the different vibe and created the same effect on a smaller scale.

After three opening bands, Chivalry, Labyrinthe and Monarchist, the Mose boys began their strikingly original amalgamation. Because it was the touring guitarist's birthday, they were in party-go mode — which is not something these boys typically participate in. The hype was up and spectators gathered around, like squirrels seeking the final nut before the winter, in anticipation of the music they love and seldom get to witness.

Led by keytarist Matt Garfield and his robotic, distorted vocals, the band followed him into the land of Mose Giganticus — a hip-shaking, head-rocking progressive mix of electronics and rock. They primarily played material from their latest album, Gift Horse, amidst a set of old and new songs. They also tugged at the crowd's heartstrings with favorites such as “Days of Yore” and “My Machine.” Bodies rocked and fists pumped in the air as fans screamed lyrics loud enough to challenge the levels of the music itself.

It was too bad the opening bands, sans Monarchist, left because they missed out on some hints on how to progress their skills. The openers barely drew a crowd and Labyrinthe offended the audience by seriously singing pro-rape songs. At the end of Moses' set, drummer Dan Eppihimer clarified they do not approve of misogynistic music, citing the earlier band.

Zeus brought the night to a close with a new bassist and metal nothing short of brutal. In celebration of their CD release and touring with Mose Giganticus, they tore up the venue like an old love note — sprinkling musical bits on the audience as every fans' hair flew in all directions in appreciation.

Make sure to check out Mose Giganticus as they make their way back through the area to Salisbury at 315 on Nov. 9. Zeus will also be coming back to Charlotte on Nov. 13 to play with Exhumed, Goatwhore, Havoc and Columns at Tremont Music Hall. Support these guys as they make their rounds on tour. It's never fun having to pay out of pocket for expenses when you're a dedicated musician. And really, why would anyone want to miss a keytar played so ferociously?

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