Tracklisting announced for Homebrew Vol. 5



Jeff Hahne's Hombrew Vol. 5 will be released on Nov. 4 at the Neighborhood Theatre. While we're still working to confirm the lineup for the release party that night, here's the track listing for the CD:

Appalucia — Believe in God (If Y’ant To)
Aqualads — Snake Eyes
Babyshaker — Bright Young Thing
Bakalao Stars — Ke Puedo Hacer
The Bear Romantic — Wild and Young
The Catch Fire - Rumormill
Cement Stars — Ivy
The Hot Gates — The Ghost
Lucky Five — Something In Your Head
Pullman Strike — Central Park
Side By Side — My Heart
Small Talk Industries — The Real War
Super Ape — Das Party Hausen
Temperance League — The Kids
25 Minutes to Go — Wheat Thick

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