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I've been asked a few times recently if I'm planning on reviewing the upcoming Britney Spears concert at Time Warner Cable Arena on Aug. 25. The answer is "no." And here's why...

She lip syncs. Yep, it's that simple. I don't care if she dances her ass off (which she doesn't anymore), the simple fact is that she doesn't sing live. It's one step above watching Milli Vanilli.

Spears has the audacity to charge her fans anywhere from $38 to more than $300 for a ticket and then simply dance around the stage and do some costume changes.

If I'm going to review Spears' music, I can do it from a CD - it's the same thing you're going to hear at her concert, but for a much higher cost. My review would say — "Spears danced lazily around the stage while lip syncing her songs — some of which were remixed." She's a performer and entertainer, but not a singer, at least not live.

In fact, her microphone isn't even turned on. Watch the below video where a fan jumps on stage, Spears screams but you still hear her singing. Amazing, huh?

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