Appalucia tonight (6/24/11)



Appalucia Led by the three-headed, “South of the Catawba River” country holler-hollers of Corey Ziegler, Andy Fenstermaker and Wylie Buck Boswell, the local sextet generates considerable punk energy with the acoustic back porch jams that highlight their excellent self-titled debut. Unlike a lot of faux twang, these ne’er-do-well tales of Saturday night sinning and Sunday morning regret (not to mention the one about camping and bears) ring lived-in true — more importantly, they’re just damn fine songs. And live? Fuggedaboutit. Get liquored up and let ’em lift you aloft. With Wretched, Silence the Messenger and Wiggle Wagons. $8-$10. The Milestone.

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