Live review: Bums Lie, Bracing for Impact, The Royal Tinfoil



Bums Lie, Cletus Got Shot, Bracing for Impact, The Royal Tinfoil

The Milestone

June 17, 2011

The Deal: Last year, at Kyle Perkins of 25 Minutes to Go’s Birthday Toga Party, bro time to the max went down at the Milestone. The entire night was a bit blurry altogether, but I recall screaming lyrics at the top of my lungs to 25 Minutes to Go songs whilst abandoning my toga to rock a party dress that was so drenched in sweat, it could’ve been wrung out several times and the some.

So, when I found out that KP was going to have another toga party this year, I knew nothing could hold me back from experiencing the rowdy delight that could now be considered an annual occasion. Although 25 Minutes to Go wasn’t booked for the show (which, I must admit, made me cry a little inside) Cletus Got Shot was coming back through with their sweet bluegrass jams playing with Bums Lie, Bracing for Impact, Candy Jerk and Charleston, SC’s The Royal Tinfoil. I didn’t quite know what to expect in the long run but I knew that it was bound to be another noteworthy night in my life.

The Good: Unfortunately, a couple days before the show, Candy Jerk cancelled. So instead of the show starting at 9:00, it got pushed back a little. Although I enjoyed being able to socialize and enjoy the sea of togas, it was disappointing because word on the street was that Candy Jerk was stoked to play the show. I hope everything’s alright with them.

Because of the schedule change, Royal Tinfoil ended up opening the night, catching us all off guard with their breathtaking jams and rocking our faces unexpectedly. Purple shimmering light gleamed down on the three components as they delivered their classic-yet-original, old-timey, country rock. From what I understand, the band consists of Lily and Mackie, but they take on guest performers from time to time. On this occasion, a bassist whose deep notes complimented the overall marriage of Mackie’s acoustic guitar and Lily’s electric guitar, cello, kazoo and tambourine below their perfectly harmonizing voices that reflect the greatness you would derive from a duet by Johnny Cash and June Carter. To be honest, I was completely caught off guard by how talented they were. I had never seen them and didn’t quite know what to expect and although I was impressed by what I had gathered when I looked them up. By Lord, I wasn’t expecting such a mind-blowing performance. I needed their music in my life so bad that I fiscally irresponsibly bought a CD.

Bracing for Impact was next and kids were jamming out to their good, solid, pop-punk. Their music was certainly jammable; however, there were times that I didn’t quite know what to make of their performance. I’m not saying that it was bad, it just seemed that they weren’t all on the same page this night. It’s obvious that they have great potential and that they are all talented dudes but at times, the music just wasn’t seeming to mesh appropriately as a collective piece of work. Seeing that this was the first time I have been a spectator of their performance and I have heard positive reviews of them from around town, I’m hoping that I have the opportunity to witness them again on a different night.

Leaning in to each other, the three boys of Cletus Got Shot harmonized before our eyes, projecting their unique bluegrass consisting of mandolin, custom bass, acoustic guitar and three voices married in unison. I had missed them since they had made the long journey from Arkansas last time and blew my mind. Their music is filled to the brim with positive, motivating political messages that make you want to get up and picket for your rights in this unjust world. They spread these messages like a plague of enlightenment, all the while making us tap our feet and move to the bluegrass, punk-rock, working man, hybrid they bring to us to make us smile. As always, at the end of their set, I wasn’t done listening to them and am therefore in anticipation of their next tour date here. I vote we just steal them from Arkansas so we can hear them all the time.

Bums Lie capped off the night, bringing all of us together in a nostalgic musical daze. People really seem to enjoy themselves while getting down to the simplistic-yet-catchy ska. Ladies and dudes alike danced down like they had been waiting to see this band their whole life. I can’t deny the fact that Bums Lie’s music is catchy to the point I get it stuck in my head for days after their show. Something about ska in general always gets into my psyche and plays on repeat. However, it helps that memories of Bums Lie’s shows are fond and lingering because they are extremely passionate when they perform. This time, an amalgamation of shirtless and shoeless musicians felt the notes they were playing with all their emotion, bringing us to our peak of celebration for KP’s birthday and closing out the night.

The Bad: I know KP wanted the night off to celebrate his birthday but I would’ve loved to see him perform either in 25 Minutes to Go or as KPSoloman. The night was rad regardless. I’m just saying.

The Verdict: Although I personally didn’t throw down in intoxicated, toga, birthday celebration like I did at last year’s toga party, I must say I enjoyed my time just as well. Discovering The Royal Tinfoil, experiencing Cletus Got Shot again and Bracing for Impact and Bums Lie was enough to make the night noteworthy. Not to mention, being able to cheers a wonderful musician and friend to another year on this earth was worthwhile to say the least. I urge you to check out any of these bands, especially those from out of state, The Royal Tinfoil and Cletus Got Shot. It was a privilege to be able to experience them live and I look forward to jamming to their records and seeing them next round in Charlotte, maybe even with the same line-up.

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