Dick Dale, Nicole Atkins and the Sea tonight (6/20/11)



Dick Dale An honest-to-goodness guitar hero for whom the title “legendary” actually means something. Dale is an innovator whose red-lined, reverb-loaded staccato attack colored everything from ’60s surf (duh, he invented it) and psychedelia (Hendrix was a big fan) to Spaghetti Western and heavy metal. He’s also a 73-year-old rectal cancer-survivor who can still tear it up like somebody half his age. Dale’s always been an iconoclast, from the left-handed guitar strung right-handed (heavy gauge on the bottom, baby) to his martial arts skills and environmental activism. Above all, though, he’s just bad-ass. With The Aqualads, Belmont Playboys, and Laramie Dean. $15. Tremont Music Hall. www.tremontmusichall.com. (John Schacht)

Nicole Atkins and the Sea This New Jersey-born artist, and former Charlotte resident, says her latest album is the record she’s been waiting to make since she was 12. Thus far, her sophomore release has been a solid step in the right direction. With the late-night shows buying in, more than just her core fans are listening now and being introduced to the passion and emotion of her music others have loved. Stephen Warwick is also on the bill. $10-$12. The Milestone. www.themilestoneclub.com. (Mike McCray)

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