Live review: Woods of Ypres, Towering Pyre, Stronghold Crvsader



Woods of Ypres, Towering Pyre, Stronghold Crvsader

The Milestone

June 8, 2011

The Deal: After seeing Towering Pyre play Common Market at Treasure Fest, I had to see them again while not so in an exhausted state of mind, seeing as they were the second to last band I got to experience during the two-day festival and they still rocked my face off. So, when I saw them on the Milestone's schedule with two bands I had not seen before, NC's Stronghold Crvsader and Woods of Ypres from Ontario, Canada I figured I had a night of musical discovery and epic metal treats ahead of me.

The Good: Stronghold Crvsader opened up the night with their backs facing the audience, creating a daze with their bassy stoner rock. Unfortunately, we barely got a taste of what they were about before a technical difficulty involving a speaker caused an abrupt and early end to their performance.

Towering Pyre rocked again with their potentially face-melting metal jams. Each of the instruments takes its own course, perfectly intertwined with one another as singer Morgan Neffke gives it her all, sickly screaming beautiful growls that tingle your spinal cord. I saw several people come in the room and do a double take, disbelieving that such intense, sinister deepness was coming from such a tiny girl. With intricate riffs and head banging drumming, they displayed their talents greatly and made me want to stomp on something. Considering that this was the second time I've been left in awe of them, I must say, I am impressed with what's coming from them.

As soon as Woods of Ypres took the stage and began to play, I felt as if a wizard and some sort of mythical creature were going to pop out from around the corner to accompany the epic riffs that were coming from the stage. While their music was good, taking me away to a mythical land, sometimes their vocals were a bit inconsistent with the overall tone and sound of their music, creating a nu metal sound which at times, threw me off a bit. I would've preferred more screaming to the Dungeons and Dragons-esque riffs, taking us on a journey into the metal they were creating. Regardless, they played a good set and were a new discovery that I would like to see again. They brought out my inner nerdiness and got me into the music simultaneously. It was nice.

The Bad: I wish I could've seen more of Stronghold Cruvsader. I understand shit happens but I was a bit bummed that technology wouldn't even allow for me to get a feel for them.

The Verdict: Overall, this was an awesome night of metal and good times. I am excited to have gotten to experience these guys all on the same bill. I must say that this show was beautifully booked. I enjoyed the build-up with bands similar but unique in their own form. Although Stronghold Cruvsader was let down by the robotic world, the small set they played was very complimentary for what was to come with Towering Pyre, leading the way to Woods of Ypres with its comparable cantering melodic treats. I recommend checking out any of these guys, especially Towering Pyre, who are local and hopefully playing again real soon. There ain't nothing like intricate, well-rounded metal.

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