The Dirty Lungs tonight (6/12/11)



The Dirty Lungs Remember those bands in high school that “jammed out” in the garage while squeezed next to the family car? While their sound was often as fulfilling as school cafeteria food, there was an energy in those groups that only comes with being a kid. The Dirty Lungs blares its noisy musical brew with the energy (and profanity) of an adolescent band and the lo-fidelity of those garages. Their album Deregulate Your Heart takes you down memory lane, with teenage frustration meeting up with classic distorted tones and psychedelic tinges. Their name lacks the right ring (it sounds like an alt-country group or Keith Richards fan club), and with the slurred vocals, the Wooly Tongues might be a more apt title. With Rusted Radio Dial. $5. Snug Harbor.

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