Plain Jane Automobile, Eternal Summers tonight (6/9/11)



Plain Jane Automobile The Orlando-based quartet’s sound is expansive, intriguing even. They channel mood-rock a la U2 and Coldplay, where the guitars swirl around the rhythm section and the front man croons it all into a contemporary vibe. The combo is touring in support of the freshly released recording Your Tomorrow, which is bereft of any weak tracks. Also on the bill are The Catch Fire, Colourslide and Onna. $5-$7. Visulite Theatre.

Eternal Summers Cue up the Feelies, bring along Mo Tucker of Velvet Underground — the duo Eternal Summers writes quirky songs that meander sometimes, to be sure, but also elaborates their minimalist ethos when the song gels. The modus is sparring guitar, drums and vocals, where the hits are inspired and the misses tossed aside with the next guitar-laden hit. With the Beets, Brilliant Colors and Blossoms. $8-$10. The Milestone.

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