S.O. Stereo with 25 Minutes To Go (06/03/11)



S.O. STEREO: The Charlotte quartet was recently spotlighted on an episode of The Vampire Diaries — its music and the band themselves — while also having a song included on the TV show 10 Things I Hate About You. With a national spotlight headed its way, the band still finds time to play plenty of hometown gigs. They once opened up for a reunited Blind Melon, but it's a headlining spot like this one that offers the band the opportunity to truly shine. With Lucky Five and Swift Robinson. $8-$10. Visulite Theatre. www.visulite.com.

25 MINUTES TO GO: Charlotte's own 25 Minutes to Go is ready to release its third album, This Time's For Serious. Recorded independently in the band's home studio, the "beat laboratory," the group feels like it's finally been able to capture its live energy and intensity. There are hints of punk behind the rock — a heavier Social Distortion, perhaps, thought they've also been known for acoustic offerings. With Hectagons, Calormen and 2013 Wolves. $6-$9. The Milestone. www.themilestoneclub.com.

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