Live review: Spottiswoode and His Enemies



Spottiswoode and His Enemies

The Evening Muse

May 28, 2011


The Deal: After three years, Spottiswoode finally returns to Charlotte.


The Good: I hadn't seen Spottiswoode before, but when he was described as a kind of "Jim Morrison meets Tom Waits," I was intrigued. His performance didn't disappoint. Backed by a quartet of musicians including keyboards, trumpet, drums and bass, Spottiswoode led the way on guitar with his sturdy stage presence. He showcased a humorous side with the campy "Philadelphia" and the more subtle with the piano-driven "Understand."

There were few moments of banter between songs, but clearly the mission laid out in front of him was to showcase a variety of his music from a variety of albums, spotlighting his most recent release, Wild Goosechase Expedition. His two-set performance showcased a bit of everything, however, picking highlights from just about every album he's released.

The Bad: The band tore through "Building a Road" in dramatic fashion... and then the lights came on for intermission. Ok, that's not something to complain about, but it took nearly 30 minutes for them to return to the stage.

The Verdict: A strong performance by a talented songwriter. Let's hope it doesn't take another three years for them to return.



Beautiful Monday

All In the Day

Just a Word I Use



It Is Time

Melancholy Boy

The Rain Won't Come

Golden Apple

In the Pouring Rain


Fine Wine

Building a Road



Youngest Child

Angry Girl

Happy Or Not

Wild Goosechase Expedition

Till My Dying Day


Clear Your Mind

Sentimental Song

That's What I Like

I Don't Regret

Gettin' Realistic

You Won't Forget Your Dream

Setting Sun

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