10-in-10 CD reviews



Each Friday, we review 10 recently released CDs in 10 words each:

Glee The Warblers — Please, someone make them stop releasing all these horrible albums.

Ben Sollee Inclusions — Use of cello separates Sollee from majority of folk rock.

Yael Naim She Was a Boy — “New Soul” singer returns with same happy vibe as debut.

The Felice Brothers Celebration, Florida — Band teeters between carnival-like energy and standard, somber rock.

Tara Nevins Wood and Stone — Bluegrass-tinged folk has hints of Levon Helm’s spirit infused.

Birds and Arrows We’re Gonna Run — Vocals in the Chapel Hill band’s folk brand are hypnotizing.

Brother Lou The Devil in Me — Music is better than poor quality graphics on album art.

IiO Exit 110 — Possibly one of most lifeless electronica albums I’ve ever heard.

The Cars Move Like This — Who cares what decade this is, they’re bringing ‘80s back.

Shawn Pittman Edge of the World — Some classic style to his rough and ragged guitar blues.

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