Cover bands hit Alive After Five schedule



No big surprise here... the first five acts for Alive after Five have been announced and, yep, they're all cover bands. Craptastic.

The first four weeks will be held at the Wachovia Plaza and feature a quartet of "party bands" — Liquid Pleasure on April 7, 80z Enuff on April 14, Hot Sauce on April 21 and Love Tribe on April 28.

The event will head to the Epicentre on May 5 with Alternate Take, described as a "party band" that's also available for weddings. Great...

How about a schedule that reads something like - Simplified, Matrimony, Overmountain Men, The New Familiars, Eyes of the Elders and Harvard... I can give the names of 50 more local bands that should be playing instead of the usual suspects. Something instead of the same crap year after year after year. Give local bands some exposure and some money in their pocket and support originality.

Actually, I need to find out who does the booking for this. I think they'll be interested in my new TV show. It's going to be called "Einsfeld." I'm now casting the parts of Egorge, Yerrj, Lainee and Ramerk. It's basically a show about nothing... In one episode, it's all centered around waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant. Yeah, you've heard it before, and it won't be as good as the original, but there will be different people playing the characters, so I'm sure you'll be interested.

I'm also looking for six people who can star in another comedy called "Buddies," kinda like "Friends" — a lot of it will take place in a coffee shop. The best part is that the scripts are already written - we just need to find a location and some cameras.

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