Girl Talk brings the party to Charlotte tonight (1/25/11)



Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, is in town tonight. If there are still tickets to his show at The Fillmore, and you're in the mood for a big party, you should get one. I'm serious.

A few years ago, Girl Talk performed at Bonnaroo. I didn't go. The next day, all I heard around the press tent area was "Did you see Girl Talk yesterday?"

Last year, I didn't make that mistake. A lot of photographers didn't. We all went to see Girl Talk and were immediately impressed by his energy, style and the crowd.

Within moments of hitting the stage, kids were jumping the barricade and getting on stage with him. While his laptops are covered in Saran Wrap to protect them from any bodily fluids, Gillis spends the night mixing songs, jumping around and dancing his ass off. So does the crowd.

If you aren't familiar with his music, check out this video:


If you want to know how big of a party his live shows are, check this out:


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