Stuart Sloan will be missed



I don't know the details, but I don't think it matters. What I do know is that Stuart Sloan, owner of Salvador Deli in NoDa, has died. He will truly be missed — in the neighborhood and in the music scene.

Stuart often had shows in the alleyway next to the Deli — he even threw a free concert to celebrate his birthday a couple of months ago. Aside from holding shows at the Deli, I often saw him walking around the neighborhood at a variety of shows — at the Neighborhood Theatre, at the recent White Trash Party and at other venues around town. He got involved with FemmeFest and DudeFest and always did what he could to make the neighborhood better and help out the music scene.

Rest in peace, Stuart. I'm sure you're seeing some great live music wherever you are...

UPDATE: I just got sent this by Lauren Puckett, wife of the man who painted the mural next to Salvador Deli.

"My husband, Will Puckett, painted a halo over Stu's picture in the mural this morning, and then he snapped a photo of it - and this happened."

Stuart Sloan 11.12.2010

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