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I don't know how this video slipped under my radar for so long but here's a video from Charlotte rappers J-Face, Wyl-Out Slim and Mr. F-150 for their song, "Beatties Ford Boyz."

Every hood has their anthem and for the Beatties Ford corridor, not the Hopewell High part but the real part that runs from Johnson C. Smith to a little past Sunset, this is it.

Have I grown out of this sound? Sure but if I was in high school, I probably would've bumped this ad nauseam. Shot everywhere from West Charlotte Recreation Center to Mr. C's and One Man & A Van Car Wash, right next door, it's a virtual hood tour of the area I grew up in and strangely vocabulary lesson. Bruh is a swiss-army knife of a word around here.

I'll spare you the criticism that it reminds me of a Waka Flocka Flame video knockoff (people hanging from the fences, c'mon son!) and that there's only so many ways you can rap about shooting people in the face but for everyone growing up in that area (who understand that shit's all figurative), enjoy.

I only wish there were more West Charlotte High School shots but then again, they don't need any more media scrutiny and I'm not complaining about that.


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