Local Leak: Clicks & Whistles' "When I Feel"



Another Local Leak from Charlotte's burgeoning bass scene.

This one from the duo, Clicks & Whistles (Jorge Hernandez and Peter Evans). It's low-key and soulful at the start then wakes up in a major way just before you were lulled into the subdued groove. Great stuff.

It's part of the Future Sounds of North America compilation, put out by Party Guy Records, which also features local bass producer and DJ, Buckmaster.

The compilation hopes to shine light on bass as a genre and how it's moved out of regional pockets and away from regional sounds we're used to and transformed into this big pot of everything, that everyone is contributing to.

You can buy the entire compilation on Dec. 13 on iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Boomkat and a bunch of other outlets.

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