Thirty Seconds to Mars tonight (Nov. 1)



THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS Since 2007, the band has been comprised of former My So-Called Life hearthrob Jared Leto, his brother Shannon (who formed the band) and Tomo Milicevic. Leto says he prefers not to trade on his name recognition as an actor (which brings up the question of why he has name recognition as an actor 10 years past his most famous work), even going so far as refusing to play venues who trade on his name in promotional materials. Thing is, he's likely a better front man anyway, even as the band's music is the same spit-shined, Muse-y, keyboard-splashed, metal-spiked, semi-saccharine stuff that too often passes for alternative rock radio these days. With New Politics. Sold Out, The Fillmore Charlotte,


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