Former Charlotte resident Josh Panda and funk band The Pimps of Joytime tonight (Sept. 4)



THE PIMPS OF JOYTIME Brooklyn funksters create a vibe that's soooo, 1976. It's funk. The Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch prancing down the avenue kinda funk. These pimps mesh Afrobeat, salsa, rock and bits of electronica into the grooves while the urban ethos and DJ sentiments spur wicked dance grooves with perfect bass lines and handy guitar work. $8-$10, Neighborhood Theatre, (Samir Shukla)


JOSH PANDA The former Charlotte resident will tell you himself that he's quick to head down Interstate 77 for some biscuits and gravy any chance he gets. While he may be living in Vermont these days, he spends a good bit of time on the road, and a fair share of days back "at home" in the Queen City. As talented vocally as he is with his songwriting, Panda's music is quick to hit your ears with just the right note. With Ian Thomas. $8. 10:30 p.m. The Evening Muse. (Jeff Hahne)


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