From money shots to hip-hop



I've mentioned before that the market for hip hop is flooded to an almost Biblical proportion. While there's talent floating amongst the debris, the chaos only seems to expand begging the question, is there room for everybody in hip-hop?

The most recent phenomenon to hit social media and hip-hop blogs isn't teens with shitty beats, catchy hooks and Webcam dances or grizzled ex-cons making a go of it legally through music, but rather adult film stars who've gone taking (and giving) shots on camera to taking shots over beats. Most notably actor Brian Pumper, who may be best known for his breaking in of Lawrence Fishburne's daughter and his eerie resemblance to G-Unit rapper, Lloyd Banks, has jumped in the studio to record diss records towards Rick Ross and Jay-Z. Needless to say, I'd personally stick to doing chicks on video — that's not such a bad lot in life.

Also spitting 16's is actress Pinky. Best known for her tan-lined assets and bright pink hair, her mixtape, Fuck You Pay Me, features the Oakland-born MC dropping lyrics like, "I'm a bad bitch, yes I'm a bad bitch. Why you mad at me? Cause you ain't got no ass, bitch..."

Surprisingly, Pinky's music is more than tolerable and is, not surprisingly, strip club ready. If only BET Uncut still existed, that video would be epic. It's pretty widely known that one founding member of N.W.A., DJ Yella, that now makes his living in the adult film industry. Maybe he can exchange some scenes for some writing tips. Even the best have used a ghostwriter. In the meantime, here's some pornstar rap for you to enjoy.

Pinky XXX - Bad Bitch

Brian Pumper - Cut It Out Ricky