Live review: Lollapalooza 2010 (Sunday)



Lollapalooza 2010

Chicago's Grant Park

Aug. 8, 2010

Photos coming soon!

My Sunday got started late at Lollpalooza in Chicago... At 3 p.m. I checked out the unique brand of rock put forth by Minus the Bear. Still not sure what to think of these guys, either.

Next, it was off to the Kidsapalooza stage for a few quick acts. First up was Peter DiStefano — the former guitar player for Porno for Pyros played a handful of songs and got downright silly by slapping and hitting his guitar — you could tell he was trying to be a little over the top to entertain the kids.

After that was a three-song set by thenewno2, featuring Dhani Harrison. The band's set included a new song they haven't played live before.

Finally, Perry Farrell came out to join thenewno2, along with DiStefano for two songs — "Pets" and a cover of Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane." Farrell was all smiles as he almost fell of the stage at one point and tried to watch his language around the kids.

Erykah Badu, no surprise, took her time making it out to the stage, as her DJ played songs for 15 minutes before the band came out and then the band riffed for five minutes until Badu appeared. After a song and a half, I was done and wandered off. Her constant lateness is ridiculous, as she did the same thing at Bonnaroo last year.

I made my way through thick crowds to get to the MGMT performance. The band played two tracks from its latest album before going into "Electric Feel." The crowd seemed to love the balance of both sounds.

My night concluded with the two-hour reunion performance by Soundgarden. No frills here a la Gaga or Green Day, the guys hit the stage and tore through song after song. Singer Chris Cornell's vocals are still in great shape and the entire band looked excited to be performing again. Matt Cameron hammered the hell out of "Jesus Christ Pose" which sounded a bit sped up from the album version.

Soundgarden Setlist

Searching With My Good Eye Closed



Rusty Cage

Blow Up The Outside World

Let Me Drown



Jesus Christ Pose

Fell On Black Days

Ugly Truth

Get On The Snake

Burden in my Hand


Black Hole Sun


4th Of July


Face Pollution

Like Suicide

Slaves & Bulldozers

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