Culture, Wiggle Wagons tonight (July 28)



CULTURE Since the death of his father, Joseph Hill, in 2006, Culture's been ably commanded by Kenyatta Hill, son of the famously dreadlocked and down-to-earth one. Culture was already some 30 years into its musical history when its patriarch died, yet still strike these ears as relevant as a touring act — interest in loping world rhythms and revolutionary politics are two things that seem to reinvent themselves every half-decade or so — thanks to the younger Hill's ever-developing songcraft. What's more, the Jamaican gents always seemed to love touring the Southeast, and have played all sorts of venues around the Q.C. over the years, including, if memory serves, a VFW hall. While Papa Hill will miss the bill, it's good to see the band getting a little of the respect it deserves. With Beres Hammond and Inner Circle. $30, Neighborhood Theatre, (Timothy C. Davis)


WIGGLE WAGONS With everyone mixing up genres these days, why not try taking a classic country sound of somebody like Johnny Cash and mixing it with the energy of, say, Guns N Roses. That's what the Wiggle Wagons do best. While you'd think the sound was born in the fields of the Carolinas, the band actually got its start in California. Now based in the Charlotte area, the band members and the music feel right at home. With Cattletruck and Zasz. $5, Snug Harbor, (Jeff Hahne)


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