Free music night at Salvador Deli's tonight (July23)



Free Music Night featuring Col. Bruce Hampton There are lots of good people involved in the Charlotte music scene who do whatever they can to give back to the fans when they can. Tonight's one of those nights. The good people at Salvador Deli in Noda are offering a free night of music including Col. Bruce Hampton and the Quark Alliance, Chasing Edison and the Duende Mountain Duo. Free, Salvador Deli (Jeff Hahne)


Wink Keziah Sometime Charlottean/Austinite Keziah has put in his time doing stints with Rollin' Tumbleweeds, the pre-DBTs Adam's House Cat and six years with the Houdauls. Now on his own, Keziah's PBR-b-cue rural rock, country soul and honk hybrid sounds like ... well, it sounds like it came from an honest-to-god person. Instead of coming across as some sort of regrettable roots fusion, it instead is evidence of what seems like a solid cross-section of real life, and all the accompanying ups and downs that entails. Puckett's Farm Equipment, (Timothy C. Davis)


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