Video: Waka Flocka Flame's "Hard In The Paint"


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It's easy to sit behind a computer and be a Southern music snob.

Waka Flocka Flame seems to be one of the easier targets of that disdain these days but when an artist like him goes national, you have to climb down from the ivory tower and notice. Sure, the South may not be putting our best foot forward lyrically but there's something to say about someone re-energizing crunk music nationally. Who are we to judge it's merit? (Critics, that's who! But that's another post)

His new video new for "Hard In The Paint," produced by Benny Boom, recently hit MTV Jams, where it was the Jam of the Week, and featured the Riverdale, Ga., product roaming the projects in Los Angeles. A long way from home, the video unfolds with scenes eerily similar to those in the movie Training Day and the rapper spitting about, what else, the trap.

By far the best part of this video was the production being shut down by LAPD for a gang injuction and them including the whole fiasco in the actual video. What else do you expect when you have former Bloods gang leader turned peacemaker, T. Rodgers making cameos. That guy built a gang that's now international (literally a triple O.G.) when he was a teenager, I'm sure him, plus a crowd, equals police concern.

I'd be lying if I said this didn't remind of something I would've rushed to download in high school, well before I gave a damn about content and just needed to the beat to knock and lyrics that didn't get in the way. Looks like this Gucci Mane affiliate had more than one hit in him after all. Expect music lovers to cringe, while hood/urban radio lovers to cheer.

Everybody can't be Little Brother. FLOCKA!


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