Electric Coma, Truckstop Preachers tonight (5/29/2010)



Electric Coma Kaitlyn Kennedy's Electic Coma isn't the Orange amp-packing, Gibson SG-slinging act you might expect given their circa-'72 moniker. Comprised of Kennedy on vocals, piano, and guitar, along with Doug Coble (more guitar), this EC truly play what one might term Slowhand music. The possessor of a wonderfully liquid voice (think iced tea sweetened with honey) Kennedy's pipes falls somewhere between Regina Spektor and Sarah McLaughlin, but with a lyrical sensibility that conjures Ani DiFranco and Sam Beam equally. One to watch. With The Grommies and Quantum Foundry. The Common Market Plaza Midwood (Timothy C. Davis)

Greg Laswell Laswell's dry, spoken singing style fits like a glove on most songs, but gets in the way on others. The multi-instrumentalist's moody folk and pop works best when channeling Coldplay and other moodier rockers, though Laswell throws unexpected twists in the songs that work in his favor. He's on the road in support of the new release Take a Bow. Tonight is first of a two-night stand. With Brian Wright. The Evening Muse (Samir Shukla)


Sun Domingo Hey, if you can twirl a good riff, write a clean melody and sprinkle plenty of hooks into a song, there's nada wrong with that. The Atlanta trio Sun Domingo writes richly hued pop songs to be sure, with an almost orchestral feel to the numbers. The band's songwriting has matured and is more cohesive since its debut in 2004. Live tracks they recorded opening for Marillion in Montreal last year have just been released on a new, digital album. With Transmission Fields. Double Door Inn (Shukla)


Truckstop Preachers If you see a large deer head prancing back and forth between the tables at McHale's, don't be alarmed – it's not a runaway buck, it's just singer Nathan Palmer. The energetic front man does his best to engage the crowd – through various antics on stage as well as entertaining and often humorous lyrics. Take the Banjo & Sullivan song, "I'm at Home Getting Hammered While She's Out Getting Nailed." McHale's, Rock Hill (Jeff Hahne)


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