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I've been pretty quiet about this season of American Idol because, well, it's been pathetic. The show is losing its luster — if it ever had any.

I'll sum up last night's show with a few comments (I think I watched the entire two-hour episode in roughly 15 minutes, thanks to the DVR):

- Dear Mr. "Pants on the Ground" (Gen. Larry Platt), you need to write more lyrics. Seriously. Standing up there repeating the same line over and over, I had to wonder who truly was looking like a fool.

- Apparently William Hung was on stage at some point. I didn't notice.

- Adam Lambert was nowhere to be seen - apparently he's at home resting his voice for his upcoming tour.

- Brett Michaels came out and sang — really? You're recovering from all kinds of brain problems, but rush out to play on Idol. You need to get your priorities straight.

- Ellen DeGeneres has a record label now. I didn't know that smiling, making bad jokes and telling every singer they're wonderful qualified people to own a label. She's signed Greyson Chance — the kid who sang "Papparazzi." Doesn't mean he has songwriting talent.

- Paula Abdul came out and rambled and made horrible jokes and I hit fast forward.

- Simon Cowell is leaving for his new show X-Factor. Which means Idol's ratings will continue to drop and Cowell's X-Factor will take over as the new ratings king.

- In the end, it was Lee DeWyze who won out over Crystal Bowersox. In a way, it makes sense. DeWyze has no personality and his vocal talent isn't that great — so it'll put him in nicely next to most of the other winners who have gone nowhere fast. He needs the promotional backing of being an Idol winner a lot more than Bowersox does. Meanwhile, I expect that Bowersox, who should drop the last name and just go by Crystal, has definite potential. Honestly, how many of the winners walked out and you thought, "They're huge now because of Idol!" Only Carrie Underwood and, maybe, Kelly Clarkson can say that. Daughtry - not a winner. Kris Allen, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard, David Cook... none of them is selling out, or even playing in, arenas.


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