Alberta Cross tonight (5/6/2010)



Alberta Cross is at the Visulite Theatre tonight. Instead of talking them up, etc., I'm simply going to share their video for "ATX" and let you decide for yourself. But I will say, you should go. They're good.


They're playing with American Bang, of which Timothy C. Davis said this:

Another so-called "Southern rock" band from Nashville whose national reputation probably exceeds its local one (think Kings of Leon), American Bang isn't altogether dissimilar to the Followill brood musically: straight-ahead Camaro rock, served up with some smokes and a sneer. They've got an eponymous platter set for release this spring from Reprise, produced by none other than the poor man's Mutt Lange, former Metallica and Crue knob-twiddler and '80s dinosaur Bob Rock. He gets older, they stay the same age.