Local Leak: The Otherside & Haz Solo's Laundry Day EP



The formation of The Otherside is a story only possible in the digital-music era.

How else would guys on opposite sides of the country, who didn't go to college together, had never met or crossed paths, get together to create music that sounded like they had been in the same room collaborating for years? Thank the Internet.

Sauce Fonda, a Charlotte native and the group's featured producer, found Keno online and, after hearing just four songs on his MySpace page, decided to hit him up to collaborate. A point he downplays as, "being bored."

Whatever the circumstances, the Sacramento, Calif., based MC obliged and the two have been working as a group since 2007.


theOTHERSIDE & Haz Solo - Hold It Down <— Click to listen.

"Hold It Down" is the group's favorite song from their new EP, Laundry Day, which dropped on Monday. It features cuts from DJ Jun and rapper Haz Solo adding some Midwest (Milwaukee to be exact) flavor to the Carolina-Cali connection. This sample and horn heavy track has some Cool Kid-y lyrics and a classic, upbeat hip-hop feel which producer, Sauce Fonda, says is different from his normal, laid back, soul sample-driven tracks.

"I was going for some real hype shit," said Sauce Fonda. "I heard the sample [and] chopped it up like it was nothing, sent it to Keno and he went nuts."

You can download the Laundry Day EP here. To hear more of The Otherside's previous projects, visit http://theotherside.bandcamp.com/

The group says they'll make some decisions about moving forward with an album based on the popularity and response to this EP.

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