When do bands do laundry?



It's funny, the other day I was having a conversation/debate that dove into the depths of wondering where bands do laundry when they're out on tour.

Think about it — band A goes from gig to gig, usually traveling all day and performing at night. So, when do they find time to do laundry?

There are a few ideas:

A) at the hotel before/after the gig.

B) they don't... and they stink.

C) bring enough clothes for a couple weeks, recycle them until the tour is over or go home every couple of weeks to do laundry.

D) big bands have tour people to do it for them.

E) some other answer...

During a recent interview with Rachel Sage, I figured I'd ask... Her answer: "They do have laundry facilities at most hotels, believe it or not... I tend to bring a lot and all of my clothes are quite diaphanous. So, I can fit two weeks worth of wardrobe in one mid-sized suitcase. It's a feat. I should chronicle this on a flip-cam. There are probably three people who'd really like to know... It is funny. When we have an off evening or off afternoon, there are three of us or so that say we need to do laundry. We should be out exploring a new place or city and instead we're in the laundry room."

For more from Rachel Sage in regards to her upcoming show at The Evening Muse on April 8, pick up next week's edition of Creative Loafing.

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