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Robin Thicke

The Fillmore

March 26, 2010

The Deal: Robin Thicke brings a sexy experience to The Fillmore.

The Good: After weathering an awkward start (mostly indicative of the herky jerky-ness of the album, not the performance), Thicke managed to get into the groove and show some amazing charisma, his Michael Jackson impressions were hilarious. There wasn't a lot of room for Thicke to go wrong here. His highly sexual set was highlighted by little memorable moments like taking one lady in the front rows' camera and having his own photo shoot and the dedication of one couple in the crowds' wedding song was sweet.

Thicke made sure every song ended with a bang, pushing that falsetto to it's limits. His band seemed to be having the most fun. Playing their own games behind the singer while he performed and being generally jovial throughout. Covering Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" and Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" was a calculated risk that worked out great too.

The Bad: I'll pass on clowning on his dancing, but it was comical. Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi were, obviously, unavailable for appearances but I could've lived without his musical director stepping in for all of their verses. There were, at times, some awkward pauses and rough intermissions. It's always funny to see a woman in designer clothes crack open a Bud Light tallboy then scream at the top of her lungs. Thicke had the opportunity to leave on a high note but decided to rap along to "A Milli" before leaving for Butter (where his official after party was to be held) ... no bueno.

The Verdict: Robin Thicke did nothing to unseat his position as the coolest white boy in R&B. His charm and falsetto made grown women swoon and assuredly got a lot of couples "warmed up" for the evening.


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