Middle Distance Runner & Spring Tigers (03/12/2010)



Middle Distance Runner This D.C.-based quartet plays tight, in-the-pocket pop a la Blur, but coats everything with hazy layers of Slowdive reverb, essentially splitting the difference between their British influences. They've been feted by the likes of Spin and Paste, but methinks the praise hyperbolic when they get compared to Radiohead or MBV. There's a middling quality here echoed in their moniker – call it a lack of hook-focus. Still, perfectly serviceable pop rock for a night on the town. With Girls, Guns & Glory and Janet Robin. Late show at The Evening Muse (John Schacht)

Spring Tigers Never judge a band by the cover of their album. At first sight they appear to be a typical garage band with John Lennon-inspired haircuts and a post punk edge. Then you push play and can't seem to get their British pop/electronica music out of your head. If you haven't already figured it out from listening to their songs, lead vocalist Kris Barratt isn't from around these parts; the English native settled down in Athens, Ga., and adds a distinct accent to the bands overall sound. With Guam High and The Spalding Grays. Snug Harbor (Nicole Pietrantonio)

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