Video: Big Boi "Fo Yo Sorrows"



Let's set the scene.

So, you get Big Boi from Outkast — I'm listening. Throw Too Short in the mix — cool one of my favorites. Then add George Clinton from Parlament Funkadelic too? Ok, sounds funky but I'm still with it. Now, shoot that video and you have something completely surreal.

"Fo Yo Sorrows" is a the latest track from Big Boi's seemingly never to be released Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album (which has had songs trickling out since March 2008) and is an outright ode to rolling up and easing your mind.

Things get a little weird though. First glance would actually make you think this was a parody.

Two music icons and a cheesy smoke machine, scenes walking on the beach, all add to it's strangeness. While Big Boi is appearing to be ageless, the sight of a synchronized head bop with the multicolored George Clinton is funny. Too Short spits his verses from the projects with a more than noticeable touch of gray, even getting George Clinton dropping a well-placed "Beeyoootch!

The song is rather funky though. Enjoy!

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